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Happiness Starts Here!

Some very delightful things have been happening lately!   My daughters Heather Taylor and Megan Taylor just had this beautiful portrait done by the artist and photographer Jeana Sohn.  I love the background color, the peaceful looks on their faces, and the closeness between them as sisters that comes across in this portrait. 


Heather and her husband Alex de Cordoba are featured in the new October issue of Sunset Magazine.  The issue just came out and you can find it at the news stands.  There is an article in the magazine about their Hollywood home and their fun design aesthetic.  They recently had us over for grilled pizzas and we all sat around their new fire pit and had a fabulous dinner outside.  You can see more pictures of their home and read about it here.  You may remember that they recently got married in their backyard under their lush citrus trees --  I wrote about it here.

Ivy At The Shore Restaurant

Friendships really are the spice of life.  This week I had a night out with two of my dear friends.  We went to dinner at the beautiful Ivy at the Shore restaurant in Santa Monica to celebrate my friend's birthday.  It is such a special place for a birthday dinner, especially sitting out on their lovely patio.  Each time I go there,  I am always enchanted by the bougainvillea-draped entry to the Ivy.  In addition, the bar at this iconic Los Angeles restaurant is adorned with festive ceramic pitchers loaded with garden roses.  I am delighted each time I walk in and am greeted by this rose glory.  Ina Garten, aka The Barefoot Contessa, wrote in one of her books that when she is overwhelmed with her life, her favorite restorative activity is to go out with her girlfriends for dinner and a fun cocktail.  I agree.  Life feels wonderful surrounded by good friends, the Ivy's signature crab cakes, and a beautiful glass of chardonnay!

Ice Cream Sundae for the birthday girl 


Speaking of good friends, my charming friend Susan gave me the book "Parisian Chic" as a going away present for my trip to Paris.  I am dying over this book.  I realize that I am a little late to the game, as it came out in the Spring, so I apologize if you all know about this.  But I am so inspired!  It all looks so simple,  French women really get it.  If we just follow these guidelines, perhaps we can get this Parisian look in our day to day wardrobes.  According to the book there are seven staples we must have.  The first one is the blazer, pictured below.  I am taking notes here!

The Blazer, don't you love it belted like this?

The Trench, bien sur, we knew that!

The Little Black Dress, simple and elegant

A great pair of Jeans, straight-leg are best

A great Purse, central to every Parisian's personal style

The Navy Sweater, not pictured, looks great with many things but especially white jeans

The Leather Jacket, not pictured, guaranteed to save any overly-conventional look

Everything we need to know about the effortless style that French women do so well is in this book "Parisian Chic" by Ines de la Fressange.


By the way, some new adventures are about to begin and I will be taking a little break.  Can't wait to tell you all about it!

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