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Happy Monday

How was your weekend?  We have been having the most beautiful weather!  I have been appreciating the simple pleasures that come at this time of the year in Los Angeles. 

  I love going to the local farmers market in February and gazing at all the beauty there, such as these luscious tangerines and lemons.

I am inspired by the promise of spring in these beautiful flowers from Holly Flora

  Of course nothing is cozier right now than staying home and cooking.  I love pulling out my favorite cookbooks, they are like old friends.

And speaking of old friends, I am rereading "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and in awe of the beauty of Truman Capote's nostalgic masterpiece.  I wonder if it is a uniquely American trait to write about characters reinventing themselves.  ("The Great Gatsby" comes to mind)   This love letter to New York conjures up youth and glamour, and is a great book to revisit.  Did Truman Capote know he was creating an iconic figure with Holly Golightly?

Yesterday I saw the magical film "Hugo" -- if you haven't seen it, go immediately!  Part "Oliver Twist" and part "Amelie," this movie is pure magic.  And it is about the birth of motion pictures.  I think I cried the whole time.  Part of me was in awe of the beauty of this film and the other was truly touched by the poignant story.

And finally this is where I went on the last weekend of January with my college alumni group from the east coast. They were so happy about the weather!   The Getty Center has views that go on forever and the day we went was beautiful and crystal clear.  Although we were there to see the incredible art exhibition "Pacific Standard Time," we could barely tear ourselves away from the views and spent much of our time outside enjoying one of the prettiest days in January I have ever seen.

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