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Downton Abbey, Season Three

Wasn't it wonderful?

There were so many poignant moments.  Here are three that made me choke up:
When Matthew asked Tom Branson to be his best man.
When Carson and Lord Grantham watched Lady Mary walk down the stairs in her wedding gown.  The look on Carson's face...
And when Matthew visited Lady Mary's bedroom the night before the wedding to apologize (quoting Branson's romantic line that as long as she walks the earth he will never find anyone else) and she made him close his eyes before entering the room and kissing her.

Did you know that Sunday night's episode had a record-breaking audience?  The producers of "Masterpiece" had predicted that the audience for the first episode of Season Three would be bigger than last time, but apparently no one was prepared for the actual number.  Read here to find out more.

This chilly January weekend should be a great one to catch up on a few of the Oscar nominated films, watch the Golden Globes, and enjoy the second episode of "Downton Abbey."

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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