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Flowers for February

Yesterday the weather was so warm and beautiful in Los Angeles, that it felt as if it was spring.  More cold weather and rain are on the horizon, but for now everyone is basking in the lovely weather.  I wanted to share with you this charming image from Botany Flowers, my favorite neighborhood florist.  I was walking by their delightful Paris-inspired shop yesterday and snapped these photos.  The weather was warm and gorgeous and Botany was filled with some enchanting arrangements.  The heart is made entirely of of red roses and hangs in their front window.

When the the two young women who work there saw me taking the picture of the rose heart, they invited me inside to see the giant bouquet they had made.  They were understandably proud!  After I took this shot, they told me to be sure to see the side view.

Isn't this fabulous!  Flowers, valentines, and bouquets...February is a very sweet month indeed!

"The simple flowers
 of our spring are what I
want to see again."
-- John Keats

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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