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Love these cards!

It is often the little things in life that make us happy, such as finding a beautiful note card or the perfect piece of stationary for writing to a friend or loved one.  I have a thing for stationary and I am in love with the cards, stationary, and other paper products from  Rifle Paper Company.  They are witty and whimsical and their colorful, nostalgic, and cheerful designs make me smile.  These cards will make you want to write handwritten notes to everyone you know. They are made of thick and beautiful stock and are so charming that they could single-handedly bring back the custom of handwritten notes.  Give me a stack of good stationary or cards, and I will gladly write handwritten notes rather than emails.  There is something so generous and thoughtful about staying connected to others in this way.

When I bought these adorable cards pictured above at Anthropologie,  I looked to see who they were by and realized that I have been buying cards from Rifle Paper Company for years.  Anna Bond is the founder of the company which is located in Winter Park, Florida.  Her whimsical designs include hand-painted illustrations and lettering that create a style that feels both nostalgic and timeless.  If you are a fan of handwritten notes and like classic and witty designs, you will enjoy the cards and stationary from Rifle Company.  You can go here to see the entire collection.  Here are some of the products they offer:

Note Cards:

Calling Cards:

 Valentine's Day Cards:

They also carry old-fashioned Postcards:

E.M. Forster wrote "Only connect" in his 1910 novel "Howards End" and the need to connect seems more urgent now than ever before.  These cards and papers by Rifle Paper company will make you want to forget about writing that email and sit down and write a proper note or letter instead.  The warmth of a handwritten note is always in style.

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